About myself../ Thoughts.


I have been using lightroom now for a number of years, and due to the ongoing saga of subscriptions with Adobe, I started to look elsewhere to do my photo editing. I tried a few of the free packages that have emerged - some of them seem good, and I gravitated to Darktable, which is very similar to LR and in some ways more powerful. All was going well, I ditched Adobe and its constraints, and sailed down what I thought was a new path. Then I realised that some of the features of LR were just not working out in darkroom. Despite what DT says, you cannot import all the keywords and background info you spent hours in the past adding, so finding and sorting were an ass-pain. Also, the collections option - a thing which I found very helpful were simply unavailable. If you have a lot of pictures, then this becomes a big issue (no pun intended). Perhaps if you had invested in a browser, you may overcome this? but in my case, I realised that LR for myself suddenly became valuable again - and you guessed right, I re- subscribed.