About myself../ Thoughts.

Fallow Deer
Hello, and thanks for looking at what is in effect my gallery.
I suppose I find the main theme for my pictures centred around British Wildlife. Mainly birds of course!
I get as much pleasure from approaching and seeing the subjects, as I do from getting pictures. You will probably notice that apart from main galleries such as 'Birds in General', there are galleries reflecting sessions as they had happened. I find I take a lot of pictures this way, either pre-planned, or a situation that surprisingly presents itself. The singing Wood Warblers and Goldfinches are a case in point. The "Latest" images are just those. Pictures that spontaneously get on the front. Some may never find themselves in other galleries for various spurious reasons. They may be pictorially lacking for some reason, but I find interesting enough to show what's happening at the moment. I don't aspire to social media platforms, so I use this space in a similar way as a gallery.
My Wife and I moved to the Scottish Highlands a few years ago, due to the ruination of the countryside down South.